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Patchwork Love, The Buzz

Good news, readers and planning-to-be readers — Patchwork Love is now being read in 47 states (that we know of) and in Japan and the UK! If you’ve already got your copy, and have already read it — please go… Continue Reading →

Making the List

Getting High It’s a thrill to “make the list,” and to be able to proudly proclaim across the top of your book cover “New York Times Best Seller.” It is wonderful when your book pops up as a “top seller”… Continue Reading →

Lemon Ice Box Pie

Author Linda Lou Burton Recalls Christmas Past What is your favorite Christmas Day Dessert? Something that fondly reminds you of other times, and other people? In Chapter 46 of Patchwork Love, Clayton begins reminiscing about the lemon pie his mother… Continue Reading →

The Cat’s Meow

A Post From Author Linda Lou Burton Can you believe this waif was a terrorist? She looks all innocence, don’t you think? Don’t you want to cuddle her up, listen to her contented purr? But this baby didn’t know how… Continue Reading →

Message From Another Trish

The nonfiction section of Patchwork Love begins (p 327) with A Message from Trish, the 10-year-old girl you first glimpse on the cover, as she explains her role in this story, and the empowering reality of choice. Hi Reader, my name… Continue Reading →

Books and Peanut Butter

Did you know: that it takes about 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter? that the favorite bread for a PBJ sandwich is white, and the favorite spread is strawberry jam? (Grape jelly second.) that Bill Clinton… Continue Reading →

The Captivating Dogs in Patchwork Love

Author Comments on Susie & Molasses & Family “I would purchase this book based on the title and tag line alone – dogs and kids, you can’t go wrong.” That comment by reader Brenda took me back to the early… Continue Reading →

Favorite Characters in Patchwork Love

The author asked readers to identify their favorite character in Patchwork Love. She received a mixed bag of answers! I can’t choose a favorite character. They are all so well-developed. I do love the children: vulnerable but resilient and brave,… Continue Reading →

Readers Are Responding to Patchwork Love

Personal Notes Addressed to Author Linda Lou Burton Your book profoundly portrays the importance of acting and speaking with kindness in our daily lives and, as you point out, it’s our choice. I’m reminded of Emily Dickinson’s little poem: A word… Continue Reading →

McNutt Street Books Releases Patchwork Love

True family is a patchwork…of love’s surprising shapes. Patchwork Love — A story about a man, a dog, and the two lost children who help everyone find their way. Famous author Merit Brown moved to a secluded cabin in the woods… Continue Reading →

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